Banners, Posters, Stencils and more

Thanks to talented designers in the UK, Extinction Rebellion has a graphical vocabulary and distinctive look just waiting to be repeated and amplified here in western NC. Visit the XR UK Arts page for dozens of freely downloadable designs. Get inspired and make your own.

Two helpful notes:

  • The UK’s standard paper sizes are different than ours. Consequently, you should anticipate doing unit conversions and visual editing if you intend to make use of the UK designs. can help you understand how UK paper standards translate here in the United States.
  • Extinction Rebellion uses a custom, rounded version of the Futura Condensed font named Fucxed for its all caps banners and posters (as in the examples above). You can download Fucxed from for use in your own designs.

Want to go more in depth into the philosophy and look of Extinction Rebellion art? Check out Extinction Rebellion uses bold graphics in protest against climate change on

“We needed to create a movement that looks radically different to all eco movements previously. They were anodyne or too hippie. We needed a movement that was both angry and non-violent, that reflected the fact that this is an existential threat.”

Clive Russell, a member of Extinction Rebellion’s (UK) art group